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During the Domo Palooza 2019 product release section, it mentioned that the story telling dashboard can be embed in a website.   Can anyone tell me how to get the html code for iframe or javascript for the whole page.  I could not find Domo Everywhere icon in the tool bar like embedding a card.   





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  • guitarhero23
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    I asked my account manager the same and  got this response


    "Hey Travis,

    I just spoke with some members of our technical solutions team here and they indicated that this wasn’t released this time around. They expect it to come with some of the other features later this Summer or early Fall."


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  • I'm not finding anything either.  My guess is that the embed feature is not available yet?


    I'll do some more digging to see if I can uncover anything.

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  • This is what I found out -- the beta of page embed will not start beta until late this year.

  • Hey! Any idea if this has been released yet?

  • I believe I saw something about this in a webinar a couple months ago. I would reach back out to your CSM.