Is there an available dataset that breaks down zip codes by class? (i.e. urban, suburban, rural)

I have a list of zip codes that I am looking to map to whether they fall into urban, suburban, or rural. I see there are some zip code data sets available in the Domo dimensions data sets although I'm not sure which one would have this information.


Thank you!

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    Sure thing...


    Report = Decennial Census

    Geo Break Down = All US (you can use whatever I guess)

    Year = pick what you want


    Hope that helps.


  • There is a rural/urban housing one available for the US Census Bureau.  You have to apply on the US Census site (thru domo is a link) to get the API key.  The data shows rows by county b/c zip codes are a US postal service designation, not a legal jurisdiction.  I've run into the same problem. You can then pull down something like the ziptofips a join from it to USCB data...on county...then you'd join back your zip to ziptofips to your data.  It's not perfect...and if you find something that has a population by zip for what you are looking for please update this post and tag me so I see it.  I hope that helps.


  • That is great info, thank you! I will try this and update you if I find anything additional.

  • Hey Matt, 

    I now have access to the UCSB data although I noticed there are 5 different reports available. Could you please let me know which one you are referencing and which field shows the rural/urban housing breakdown (if not straightforward)?