Workfront Connector - Trouble Connecting to get Issues

Hello, I'm new to Domo.  I am creating connections to our Workfront instance.  I've been successful in creating connections to Projects, Tasks, Hours, and Users; however, I am having trouble with my Issues connection.  I receive the following message not long after I run the update:  Could not update. Please try to run the DataSet again.


This is the message that appears the history:  Domo system error encountered processing your data. We are working to resolve this issue (Temporary Internal Connector Error).


I've reached out to the Support Desk to see why this is happening.  So far the only thing they have said is there are no reported incidents for this connector.  Is anyone else having problems with the Workfront Connector to pull Issues?



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  • Kellerry
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    Thanks for the suggestion.  Domo Support was able to provide the specific field name causing the problem this morning.  In Workfront, we have the following custom fields:


    "If Other, Please Specify"

    "If Other, please specify"


    Workfront evaluates these with case sensitivity and sees them as unique.  Domo is not case sensitive and sees them as a duplicate. 


    In practice, it's not good that we were able to be setup them up like this.  I am working to rename one of the fields to be more unique.  Thanks for taking time out to reply!



    I would recommend re-authenticating your credentials to see if that solves the issue