Best Practice: Filtering Favorites page (Participant Users)

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In the January 2019 feature release notes Favorites page filtering was added.  This was not available for Participant users.  They could open the page filter pane, but could not add filters.  Since coming back from Domopalooza I have been showing some of my users new features including the new "Interaction Filters" and Filter cards.  


I was so proud today, a user made a connection with the new features and asked me, "couldn't you add a filter card for my district?  I could then add that to my favorites, and then use the interaction filters to then filter my Favorites page?"  WOW!  Awesome!  Below is a video I put together to make this available to Participant users in my company's instance of Domo.  

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    Yes sir, I will do my best.  I enjoyed the Dojo awards at dp18, would love to join you and the other Dojo folks next year.  Thanks for the kind words, was great seeing you as well.  I'll keep looking for opportunities to share, make videos, and learn in this great community.


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    You are a ROCKSTAR!!! We are going to get a lot of eyes on this great video and solution!

    Thank you! Great seeing you and meeting Wes at Domopalooza, next year you will arrive in time for Dojo awards given the wonderful content you're creating here!



  • Here is an updated version of the video

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