Group By and Median Options

Here are two ideas to improve Domo:


1. Group by option


It's been discussed in another forum that this can be achieved using a CASE statement. However, this method becomes useless when you have hundreds or thousands of different groups. For instance, if your data consists of all purchasing orders, there will naturally be multiple orders by one same customer. Being able to group by customer and perform some calculations would be amazing.


A big part of data analytics comes from fhe 'split/apply/combine' process. If Domo is able to implement this (I see it being done through Beast Modes), it would make this platform even more powerful.


2. A Median summary statistic option


The platform already includes a Min, Max, and Avg option. Implementing a median option would be amazing. If the data has outliers that can impact the data, using the average will not be significant. Thus, having a median option will be of great help for those cases. 



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  • @StevenC can you please take a look at this?

  • Thanks for the suggestion @juanfbages. A ticket has already been submitted and we'll review the possibilities of grouping by option. You can reference ticket # DOMO-36662 if you have further questions about it.


    A median calculation is also a great suggestion and you can reference ticket # DOMO 38751 to check up on this issue in the future. Thanks for your input!

  • Hi, I just wanted to second the importance of a MEDIAN function in Beast Mode. Yes, it's possible to use a SQL Dataflow to calculate Median; however, we have use cases where we are severely limited by the inability to use MEDIAN in Beast Mode. Can I check on the status of #38751?

  • Hi, did we ever get a resolution for this issue?

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