What happens to data and cards when connector accounts are shut down?

Right now, we are feeding data from Survey Gizmo to power some of our cards. We have decided to shut down our account with them once it expires. What will happen to the cards? Will they be frozen in place since the data won't be updating anymore? How does that work?

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    I went throught the same thing, deleting a Survey account in Domo that use to bring results.

    after deleting the account in Domo, previous downloaded records/datasets remained intact as well as the cards created.


    All I did was to make sure to set the update to Manual mode , that way I wouldn't get emails alerting me that the attempt to update the data set failed.


    now if you want to be on the safe side, even though I say your datasets previously downloaded would remain intact, just run a data flow Once to create an archive dataset. 

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