Regex_replace doens´t work in MySQL

Hi there,


I would like to adjust a column by using Regex:


SELECT *,regexp_replace(
'https://www.[^\/]*\/.{2}\/[^\/]*\/', ''),
) AS Townslug
FROM `ga_pageviews_per_town`


Background info:

DOMO loads our Google Analytics urls. Afterwards I need to replace all valid urls into a specific string, so I can join IDs from another table.


Unfortunately, I receive an error. Is there a way to use regex replace in MySQL?


Many thanks



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    You can use regex expressions in the ETL replace text tile.


    I don't think there is an option to use regex in MySQL

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  • Thanks for your suggestion.


    I  checked it out, I thought it would work for my purpose, but I was wrong.



  • Domo seems to be running MySQL 5.6 which doesn't have those regex functions. I don't know if they plan to upgrade to MySQL 8.0 which does have native regex support but it may be something you want to talk to your rep about, or at the very least, keep your eye on any patch notes/news releases.