How do I create a script that assigns a value to a new column in MySQL?

I have opportunities that are listed more than once and I need to create a column that ensures its only counted once. Here's a visual example of what I am trying to accomplish Example data: Question1 photo Question1.png And what I mean to do is assign a value in a new column the first time its encountered and 0 for every time after. So the opportunity is only counted once while still showing the influence. Question2 photo Question2.png Who the influence gets assigned to isnt important just as long as the TCV is counted once per opportunity. If this is possible by beastmode or Magic ETL I'm open to those solutions as well.

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    You can do this through ETL or MySQL


    Here is a screenshot of my ETL.  If you need more help setting it up let me know and I can provide more detail tomorrow.



    If you prefer MySQL, I can work through that code as well.  Let me know your preference.



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