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To make editing a group of cards more efficient, I propose a group selection operation found in 'Page Options'. This group selector would allow users to click which cards they want the operation executed on and allow them to mass move or mass delete cards from the page.


For example if an entire sub-page needed to be migrated to another page or sub-page, through selecting all of the cards and choosing their destination location, each could be moved in one step. Likewise if a number of cards in one page are either duplicates of another card or a link to an existing card, they could be mass selected and removed so the card can have only one instance.



Daniel Nicholas Lefteriou
Wentworth Institute of Technology

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  • @StevenC can you please take a look at this?

  • Thanks for the suggestion @Dan, this is an issue others like you have been interested in as well. You can reference ticket DOMO-16533 if you have additional questions on it in the future.

  • @Dan I wanted to provide you with a quick update on this. We are currently working on a first rendition of bulk edits on cards and pages and will continue to provide more features around this request. Thanks for the feedback!

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