Remove last (day,week,month) from a date grouping so it doesn't display a drop

When I'm creating line charts I usually use the options "Last 30 days" or "Last 3 months" as a date range. However, DOMO always includes the last (day/week/month) value which because that time period hasn't finished can (usually) show a drop on the line.


Example: If I'm on week 30 and I select option (last 30 days) I should only display Weeks 27-28-29 but not week 30.


See the chart below, because we're early on the week (wednesday) it looks like we are under last weeks values , but this is misguided by the fact that the week hasn't finish yet.


 Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.32.52 AM.png

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  • @Gavatar can you please take a look at this?

  • Thanks for the request. We are definitely working on this one. Here is what we are thinking. In the initial release we will add what we call "sensible visualizations". We will take the last period in your chart and if it is not complete we will calculate the "estimated" close of period value based on days completed in your last period and its value compared to the value in the last period when this many days were completed. It will look something like the following:


    Sensible Visualization

    The lighter blue shows the estimated value - the darker blue is the real value. 


    We will also allow you to shut off the partial if that is what is wanted. We hope that by default showing the projection will be useful and remove the awkward "down" looking charts that are not really trending down.


  • I love it when I come to post an idea, and I find it's already been requested and approved!


    May I add some similar thoughts? As @betogess showed, this messes up line graphs pretty well. For line graphs, I'd like the option to either show a forecast or the current, but change the line. Perhaps to a dotted line or something similar to show that the period is incomplete.


    A similar problem is when showing the year-to-date, with a weekly view. The first week of January typically ends up being very skewed. For example, I may only have 2 days of available orders in week 1 of 2016. That data point is an outlier for the rest of the year. An estimated or normalized point would be valuable, as would the ability to exclude incomplete periods from an aggregate calculation. I currently have a card where the min line is practically at the bottom because of this presentation.  

  • Thanks for the additional clarity. You can use projection on the line charts also. We are still looking at easier ways to suppress the last "partial" data or show it in a different line style...

  • is this available yet?

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