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What I`m looking for is as follows - I`ve a user that I`m looking to change permissions, so that they can create a card/s etc and view the datasources BUT have their ability to delete/amend/upload datasources "disabled" ( if that makes sense) 


So I guess a user permission of between participant and editor 


I`ve taken a look through various threads,but non seem to quite hit the mark


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  • Godiepi
    Godiepi 🟣
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    you can create a custom Role blocking the ability to create,manage, delete datasets . 


    go to Admin>Roles and click on [+NEW] to create a custom new role.  after that you will see a list of permissions which you can check and uncheck the level of access.

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  • Nick_
    Nick_ ⚪️

    Thanks Godiepi


    Not sure if the custom role creation is in beta or if I need to contqact a csr - looks like i don`t have that option?


  • Nick_
    Nick_ ⚪️

    following up on this - yes it appears that that you can create customer roles, however, it seems not avaliable in our instance at present - have requested contact from one of the Domo Team ?