How to create a date page filter

I have what feels like a very straightforward scenario... but I can't seem to make it work.


on a page, I have three table cards.  Each of the cards used "Registration_Date" as date in the date drop-down.  So in each individual card, you can use the date drop-down to view prior quarter, prior year, etc.


I would like to setup a filter card at the top of the page tied to "Registration_Date" that would allow the user to choose the date range there, and then all three cards will reflect the new date range and they can view all three directly from the page level... instead of having to open up each one full screen and change the range in each card.


I created a "Filter/Date Selector" card... but it is very clunky... and doesn't seem to play nice with the other cards.  It doesn't give you the full range of presents (like quarter)... and it doesn't seem to be filtering the data corretly in the table cards.  If I choose "last 30 days" on the filter/date selector card... it shows no data... even though it does show data if I go into the individual cards and select "last 30 days".


I'm stuck!


Does anyone have a suggestion on how I might be able to pull this off?

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    You should only filter a field one way.  If you want to place that filter at the page level (which I agree sounds like the right approach here), then you should remove any other filters for that field that were placed on the cards on that page.  For example, if you select the last 30 days on a page filter, but the card was already filtered to show 2018 data, then you will get no data.  Try pulling all of the date filters off of the card1.png



    Let me know if that fixes your issue

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  • I thought I had done that... but was wrong :-(... that made it so the data returned is accurate... thanks!


    Now for the trickier parts... and I don't think there is a current way to handle these (based on dojo searches)... but I'll run them by you to get your thoughts.


    1. I made the data card "all time" as discussed above so that card level filteing wouldn't interfer with the filtering I'm doing in the date selector card.  However... on the date selector card, I did select a default date range... hoping that when the page loaded, the underlying data cards would use that to filter the data automatically... but it doesn't.  You have to "interact" with the date selector card before it will pass the filter down to the data cards.  I think this falls under the category of "you can't set a default on date selector cards used as a page interaction filter".  I've seen/heard about this a few times... I guess its true.


    2. Instead of displaying the calendar image in the date selector card... I'd like to just have it show the presets by default... but looking at a few other threads, it doesn't seem like this is possible either.


    3. The presets don't include options for "quarter"... last quarter, current quarter, etc... I guess that is just an enhancement request.


    Thank you for your help.



  • I can't think of an easy way of doing this.  Seems like an enhancement request.  You could play with creating beastmodes to create those preset values you are looking for and then use that for your filter card instead of the date selector.

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  • Yeah, I thought about doing a beast mode to define the date ranges... but there are too many overlapping ranges they would need to be able to choose from... so that wouldn't work.


    thanks for your help on this!

  • any updates on this? i'm still looking for a solution to add date range filter to a page level. it's a must requirement for our reports.

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