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Is it possible to filter for the values that are used for the x-axis on a bar graph?

For example,  have a chart that is currently showing volume by month.  I'd like to have a filter that will allow the user to switch the x-axis values between month and week.  Is it possible to do?


I want to allow the users to switch between these two views by selecting the value in a filter:MonthlyMonthlyWeeklyWeekly

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  • You could use a drill path to have the user click on the month they want to explore and have the underlying view aggregate at the week level.


    Also, would having them use the "Graph By" option work for you?1.png


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  • I'm unaware of a way to have a filter disaggregate a card configured on one dimension and have it aggregate on another dimension.  I dont' believe the underlying query engine is set up that way.

    What you could do is provide a sumo card that users can edit on the fly, without making permanent changes to the card. They can alter the date grain by clicking on the date column header and choosing either option of week or month.

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  • thank you...I think I'll go with this option.

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