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I'm trying to make a card that shows what 25% growth looks like within the next year. It should increment by month. For some reason, when I input the points into the analyzer, it stops at the current month. It should work because the Date column goes up to the year 2030 and the other columns that I need to fulfill the visualization are in the correct cell and years. I had it working before but we had to update our data sources and now the date can't seem to go past the current date even though I'd change the date filter to go beyond that. 



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    I would also check any other filters on the card, make sure that if you are filtering for say "store number" or "Country" or something like that, the filter may be blocking the future looking dates in your dataset.


    Try pulling off any filter and see if that provides the forward looking dates.

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    There could be null values in the current month, I would check that to make sure the calculation is valid

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