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Hey All!


Excited to be part of the Domo community! I have a question coming from Tableau. Is there a place, similar to Tableau Online Gallery, where I can see how real people are using Domo to solve real problems? I find that one of the most useful ways for me to get work done is to be inspired by what's out there and seeing what is possible. I have not found a place on the Domo website where they host such a gallery...


Wondering if Domo shares the same sense of collaboration and willingness to share good ideas that Tableau seemed to offer.



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    Great idea!


    Right now I would suggest you go through the Community solutions as there are over 2000 to date.




    In addition you can review the Best Practices board here.


    Welcome to the Dojo Community!



  • Thank you for those links! Not easy places to find ?


    Appreciate it!