Calculating Score Domo with Variable



I am trying to calculate a score from different fields using CASE in domo but it seems we cannot use variables in beastmode and I am facing dificulties.

Each of my columns have values which I want to translate into a score and then sum up the final score for a line. 

ie: If Field1='1" Then score=20 + If Field2="Yes" Then score=30

In the case above Score returned should be 20+30=50


As I cannot create a variable in which I add in the score for each field/column I am not sure how I can past this. 


Any help would be very much appreciated. 


Best Answers

  • guitarhero23
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    Try adding multiple CASE statements together Something like



    WHEN `Field1` = 1 THEN 20

    WHEN `Field 1` = X THEN Y



    ELSE 0






    WHEN `Field2` = 'Yes' THEN 30

    ELSE 0


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  • user16640
    Answer ✓

    Great thanks this works!