Automatically Add New Facebook Ad Campaigns?

Is there a way to have a dataset pull Facebook Ad Campaign data and to automatically add new Ad Campaigns to the data set whenever a new Campaign is created in Facebook Ads?

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    Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to have the Connector automatically add new campaigns as they are created. The intention is for you to control the campaigns for which we pull data to control what data is made available to your users and how long the Connector will run based on the number of campaigns it is pulling data for. I can see the value of having an option to enable that type of behavior, however. 


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  • Godiepi
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    I suggest you go to the app store and run a search under the connectors section for "Facebook"


    You will find a "Facebook Ads" and a "Facebook Ads Advance"


    The difference between them is that the Advance version allows you to download more datasets including one called "Ad Campaigns" which Returns information about one or more Ad Campaigns controlled by the selected Account(s).




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  • In FB Ads Advanced connector, you can use the 'Custom Insights' Report type.

    This allows you to select the FB Ads Accounts you want from within one (or more) FB Accounts and it will automatically include all new campaigns.