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At Domopalooza, I thought there may have been talk of an enhancement in alerts whereby once the alert was triggered, it would be able to trigger another action.  For example, when an alert is triggered for a birthday at our company, we'd like to be able for the alert to then trigger an email to the employee wishing them a Happy birthday that is personalized to them e.g. has their name and other fields that could be customized.  Is there something available or in the works?

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    Yes, there is. The ability to use Web Hooks with alerts is on the short term road map. This will open the door to allow an alert in Domo to trigger any action that can be kicked off by a web service. I'm super excited about the doors that will open up for doing cool things like your example use case.


  • @SEC  we may be able to share more detail at the meet up in Detroit in a couple weeks.


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