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Is it possible to zoom in or create a windowed card by clicking and dragging, and then scroll through the rest of the data with that same scale?


For example, if I have a card with a single bar graph with company names in the Y axis, and revenue in the X axis, and 500 company names total, is it possible to change the scale to show 10 of those, but then scroll through the remaining company names, keeping 10 within view?



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    If I understand the question right...on a Single Bar graph, you can go into Chart Properties - General and set a 'maximum bar' count.  So lets say instead of showing microscopic 500 limit it to 10, then sort by Revenue or some other value.  In that same card you'd get a 'Other' bar as number 11.  


    You could also also rename your card as something like top 15 rev companies...and then limit the bars to 15 and maybe hide the others..or leave it...whatever.  


    You may also want to think about splitting this up in your dashboard...maybe have 1 card for top 15...then another for bottom 15...then maybe some others that are withing revenue ranges like 500k to 1M, 1M to you aren't having to look through so many in one card. You could also just have them all in there and do a quick filter on revenue range too , to limit the output.  


    Hope that helps.



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