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WHEN `JobDeliveryDate` > CURDATE() and `JobDeliveryDate` < CURDATE()+28 THEN '4 weeks'

WHEN `JobDeliveryDate` > CURDATE() and `JobDeliveryDate` < CURDATE()+56 THEN '8 weeks'


I want two quick filters within 4 weeks and within 8 weeks. I created the above no_of_fields calculated field. And I am adding it under filter. 
The filter only shows me option of 4 weeks.
I am new to DOMO. Today is my second day building a card. Please guide. Thank you.

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    For the quick filter problem - is your date range in your card enough so that the 8 weeks will hit?


    Another issue that may play a role down the road...your 8 weeks line may need to include "`JobDeliveryDate` > CURDATE()+28 and `JobDeliveryDate` < CURDATE()+56" vs just "`JobDeliveryDate` < CURDATE()+56" because if you leave it the way you have it, week 8 may have too many values or if someone comes in behind you and alters your query so that 8 weeks line is first and 4 weeks is second in the order'd see just 8 weeks vs 4 weeks.  


    Hope that helps, if I'm wrong here anyone...please correct me. ?



    Please Like to thank.  

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