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I am trying to run an Intermediate - Custom Report Type in the Adobe Analytics Advanced Data Connector to get some of my company's data over to Domo.  In the Elements selection, I am able to select two items with classifications ("Content -> Show" & "Content -> Episode").  The Elements are returning the appropriate data for the Metrics that I want, but I am trying to increase the amount of data pulled over to 100 from the default 10 in the API call.  Domo's help guide says that I need to add a JSON item in the Additional Element Information section to make this happen (e.g. {"id":"content", "classification":"show","top":100}).  However, with all of the variations that I have tried, I haven't been able to increase the amount of data pulled.


I am unable to verify that my 'id' and 'classification' values are correct because those seem to be part of the old Adobe Analytics API's 1.3 and 1.4 and am unable to call the Adobe's API /reports GetElements() method to get those values.  Adobe's Migrating Guide is unclear on how those values are referred to now and it doesn't seem as those Domo's Advanced Adobe Analytics Data Connector is entirely compatible with Adobe Analytics new 2.0 API.  Any idea on how to increase my data results with Adobe's new API?

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    With Domo's Adobe Analytics Advanced Connector, the "custom" report option allows you to add Additional Element Information (in json format) to alter the query.  Data Elements (and Classifications) are a part of Adobe's old 1.3 and 1.4 API's and their report queries look a lot different now.  Take a look at Adobe's Migrating Guide to see the difference.  You no longer call Elements in the /reports API for Adobe so Domo's Help Guide for connecting to Adobe Analytics isn't very helpful at the moment.  However, you can still alter the query by adding Additional Element Information in Domo if you know the appropriate ID of the Metric that you are targeting and would like to add some additional information for.  Instead of using the ID of the Element in the Additional Element Information window, use the ID of the Metric and then add whatever information you need.  If you do this instead of trying to use an Element ID, then the Advanced Connector still works with Adobe's 2.0 API.


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    It sounds like Adobe support would be the best resource to help out, have you tried reaching out to them?

  • I was able to luck out and select the appropriate metric to enter as the id for my json, so no, I didn't end up contacting Adobe support.  Thank you for the tip though!

  • @John-Paul_P  Can you share more details that will help out others who may run in to the issue you experienced? I'll mark is at as the solution.