First of Month ETL Action Item

Would love to see some custom ETL Action Items for combinations that are most common in Magic ETL. For example, we use a First of Month column for almost every data set, but have to re-create it each time by doing:

  • Get year of datecol (ex. 2019)
  • Get month of datecol (ex. 6)
  • Set constant day of 1
  • Combine with "-" (ex 2019-6-1)
  • Set Column Type to Date


First of Month.JPG







I realize it's not difficult to do this set of action items each time we create a new data set, but this seems like a popular field many companies use and it'd great to see Domo incorporate trends it sees in data flow creations and start releasing custom action items. (If someone else has a better way to do this, please let me know!)

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