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I'm working with data that was imported from an Excel spreadhsheet. This is a spreadsheet that will be pulled, then updated every month in Domo. I need to run a calculation that I was able to figure out in Excel, but would like to replicate in Domo. I could make the argument that I could just do that calculation every month when I pull the data, but I'd much rather have it in Domo so it is automated. 


Here is the Excel formula: =IF(D2="TWITTER",N2*0.5,IF(D2="FACEBOOK",N2*0.5,IF(D2="LINKEDIN",N2*3)))


The formula is basicaly saying if column 'D' is pupluated with the name of one of three social media platforms, then multiply the value in column 'N' by a specific value related to that platform. I've spent more time in Beast Mode than I care to admit trying to figure this out, and would apprechiate any help. 

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  • guitarhero23
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    Is this what you're looking for?


    WHEN `Social` = 'Twitter' THEN `Value` * 0.5
    WHEN `Social` = 'Facebook' THEN `Value` * 0.5
    WHEN `Social` = 'LinkedIn' THEN `Value` * 3.0


    In this case "Social" = your "Column D" and "Value" = your "Column N"



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