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I have gone through various threads of interactive filter troubleshooting but haven't been able to find the answer I am seeking. 


If I am doing the interactive filter as a custom chart (SVG icons), does the dataset need to be the same for every card on the dashboard I am hoping to filter? Or is there a way to have one dataset filter the rest of them as long as there is data that can be joined on. 


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    The data set does not need to be the same, but the field name and values you are wanting to filter on need to be the exact same for each data set on the page.  For example, if you created your icons using a field `Product Group` to identify different areas on an .svg file and the values were 'Produce','Clothing','Shoes', and 'games'.  Then every dataset that you wanted that filter to work for would need to include the `Product Group` field (not `product group`, `Product`,`PG`, or `PRODUCT GROUP`) and would need to include the values just as they are shown above (note that "games" was not capitalized like the other groups).


    If the field and values exist on the dataset, then the interactive filter feature will be able to apply the filters

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  • That's just the answer I was looking for!! Thank you for your help. 

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