Add List-Items to a single table card cell

I have an Asana API pulling in project status field. The incoming values are unordered lists <UL><LI>. Is there anything that I can do from a beast mode perspective to maintain this formating versus (adding line breaks & bullet points, etc.). Ive seen suggestions on Dojo that included a REPLACE() but that still formats incorrectly - in regards to spacing/indents on new line items.


Would appreciate anyones input on suggestions! 



Thank you




    Do you have an example of the current format and how that should look as the end result?

  • @BrendanH , 


    Thanks for the response! 


    Yes, we would like the end result to like the example below: 

      • 7/25 - There is a call with TrackVia to discuss their platform
      • 7/26 - CRM kick-off meeting to get all parties in the same room and form a solid game plan for CRM development and responsibilities.


    Notice the proper line break/text indent on bullet #2.