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I have heard a lot of complaints regarding the update form Workbench 4 to 5 from our dedicated workbench users, especially with losing certain features. Here are some recommendations for workbench 5 that would make it a lot better:

1. Have the Job ID in the job's details so that it is easier to use Task Manager to schedule multiple job runs, currently we have to search through the log in workbench to find the ID which can be very time consuming (this feature was there in 4 but disappeared in 5).

2. Have the ability to export a dataset of all jobs in Workbench including their ID, Name, Creation Date, SQL statements, and other important data that might be unique to a job. We would like to have this in order import it into Domo and compare it to a list of all our Dataflow inputs and review anything not being used.

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  • You can unhide the Job ID column, this should sort out problem 1.

  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh Florida 🟣

    @rado98 how do you unhide the column? I did not see that option in there anywhere. 

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