Beast Mode Formula Error: This calculation is too long

I currently have a case statement within a beast mode calculation that does as follows: 


when `advertiser name` like '%Microsoft%' then 'paid'

(745 lines similar to the one above)

else 'NA'


I get error:  Invalid Formula : This calculation is too long

Not sure on how to go about this. Any advice or direction on what to do would be great. 

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    I fixed my error. I had copied the contents from an excel sheet cell that contained roughly 800K blanks cells that the beast mode calculation picked up on. Fixed this error by copying just the cells that contained text into Beast Mode. 


  • That's still one hell of a long beastmode. I don't know if long beastmodes have any performance issues but I can't help but think their has to be a better way to do this to save you the headache of having that many lines and I'm sure you'll run into the limit eventually (if you will add more lines over time). Might not need to worry about it now but you might want to consider having a separate data source of all the `advertiser name`'s stored in and do some dataflow to join to that to get it out of a beastmode. 

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  • That is a really good point. I will need to try this.