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I`m looking to restrict info based on either a individual user or a group - i`ve been testing adding pdp policies at data source level, using a "simple" access type - an an example, I`ve a user - lets say they`re based in the US and I want to limit their access to EMEA info - at present all of our cards/pages cover all operating units - so I apply a PDP policy, based on business unit = US and the  "groups and people" set to the US user (per attachements)


However, doing this does`nt apear to change anything - the US user can still access/filter through to EMEA data - it could be me not ssetting it correctly (followed the info here : https://knowledge.domo.com/Connect/Personalized_Data_Permissions_(PDP)/01Creating_and_Deleting_PDP_Policies#Enabling_Attributes_for_Dynamic_PDP_Policies ), but any advice would be greatfully received

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  • Ashleigh
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    @Nick_ Does your instance have cusotm roles? Some of the custom roles or even some of the Domo roles would overide PDPs if they have accesss to view all data. Also, this may seem trivial but did you hit the enable PDP policy at the top? Could you provide a photo of the actual policy ?


  • Nick_
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    @Ashleigh Thanks for the comeback - i`ve since removed the policy as was causing issues with other users (?) - i`ll look to recreate and screenshot for you 

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    Thanks you views and inputs


    @Ashleigh Thanks for you help - it was a user issue (me ? ) all resolved now ?

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