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I am currently working on a card for our IS department that shows any System outages/downtimes using a calender card. As of now, I am calculating the total numbers of days down and reflecting that on the calendar dates (day will be appear more red if the system that went down that day was out for a long period). However, I wanted to take to the community to see if anyone else has tried to tackle a card like this and get some different ideas. 



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    Here are some examples of things I've done in regards to system downtime that may or may not be helpful for your use cases.


    In this case looking at downtime by day on a calendar isn't as impactful as seeing it grouped by month and highlighting anything that falls outside of our desired value. Depending on who is using the card daily may not be as useful as monthly but certainly depends on your usecase.


    Dojo Help 100.JPG



    A table with various monitors checking for status, this is grouped into one for all monitors but the drilldown shows the same data but breaks out the different monitor groups for different systems, this card is defaulted to show previous month

    Dojo Help 101.JPG


    The same info as above but in a gauge chart, optionally having a target line to show how close we came to our goal

    Domo Help 102.JPG


    Results by day of # of things that failed compared to success, we have alerts setup so that if the previous day was above X % than it will trigger. Added various regression and prediction lines for added info

    Dojo Help 102.JPG

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  • These are great! This definitely gives me a few more ideas. 


    Thank you! 

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