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Hello all.


I have a custom app where I want it to open content in a new tab when clicking on an element. It is a table and each row I need it to have this behaviour.

In Javascript there's the command but it does not work with the Domo CLI and I don't know how to tell the code to do this behaviour in the domo.navigate function.


Any guidance and help is well received.


Thanks in advance.


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    After installing the ryuu.js library, you can utilize the domo.navigate just like you would any other function. Most commonly, this has been used in a button onClick event like this: 


    <button onClick={()=>{domo.navigate('/admin', true)}}>Click me to go to Admin Settings</button> 


    The above button would navigate the user that clicks on the button to Admin Settings in a new tab. You can read more about these functions here: 


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