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In the Data Set Builder training #3 (Asking Good Questions) there is a a document that should be available for downloading called Business Questions Worksheet.  However when I click the link I get a Can't Reach This Page error.  Does anyone know where I can find a copy of this document?

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  • Trumpetbob42
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    After reviewing with someone at your company, this is an older version of training apps that has been replaced. We would recommend that you use for future learning as they will be kept current with updates and will be better supported. 

    Let me know if you have additional questions. 


  • @DaniBoy is this something you can help with or know who can?

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  • DaniBoy




    Can you share a screen shot or url so we are clear about which module you are looking at?


    I will track this down and circle back. Your input will help.



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  • @DaniBoy sure thing.  Here is the screenshot.

  • @user15120 Did you get this resovled? Just following up.

  • @Trumpetbob42 , no.  Not yet.

  • @user15120  I have been looking around in here. This looks like something that was created by your admin. It doesn't look like something that DomoU has created. Have you reached out to your internal adminstrators for help?