Clean up "floating" cards?

I have been tasked with cleaning up extra datasets, pages, cards, flows etc, and one that is bugging me is cards. Ideally I could just search for cards that aren't on a page, but tests reveal that cards on other user's overviews show up to me as not being on any pages. Creating a list of cards that are both ownerless and pageless according to Domo would therefore still be capable of showing me cards that some user has on their Overview. The "Card Usage with Datasource and Owner Information" DomoMetrics set does not contain page data, "DomoGov_Pages_and_Users" doesn't include overviews, and the Overview page in the "Pages Viewed By Person" DomoMetrics set all share the same page ID and name, so I can't link cards to them.

How can I find a list of cards that are both not on any standard pages, but also not on any user's overviews?

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    I met with one of our account reps. from Domo and he was able to provide me with a list of cards and their last view date as well as some other metrics he was able to pull from the backend Domo side. It may be benficial to reach out to yours and see if they can provide you with a similar list!

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