Date Wildcards in ETL?

I need to create a data flow where results are limited to the current month.


Right now I'm using >= Sept 1, 2019 and <= Sept 30,2019 for the results I need, but if a wildcard for current month is possible, I can avoid having to update the ETL each month.


Any suggestions?

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    I would use three tiles to do this in ETL.  First you need to create a constant field that will contain the current date.  Then you perform a date operation to find the month of your date field (called `Date` in my dataset) and the month of the Current Date that was just added.  Finally, you can filter your dataset to only include rows where the "Month of Date Field" is equal to "Current Month".


    You will need to make sure that this dataset updates at least once per day so that the current date and current month stay... well, current











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