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I am trying to run a filter rows operation on one of my datasets for when field gn_id = '2013159', but when I do this nothing comes up....I'm getting duplicate Id's and thought if I could narrow down to that order I could find my duplicate problem, but when I add my filter nothing comes up....all I have is gn_id = 'a specific value' = 2013159

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    How many rows are in your dataset? By default the preview only pulls the first 10,000 rows. If the ID you are trying to filter on is not in that 1st 10k, then your filter will come up empty. You can change the preview to pull a larger number of rows so that it pulls the ID you are looking for. You could also export the dataset to excel to analyze it to try and determine where your issue is. Hope this helps.

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