Adding Tooltips to Hover Text in Heat Maps

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I really enjoy using hover text to provide more insight in my Domo cards. This question is regarding heat maps.  I am trying to add a "count" of a variable not represented in the heat map to the hover text as a sort of FYI to the viewer. However, the tooltip feature is grayed out. Can you advise if these are just not available in heat maps at this time or if I could be doing something to take a way the functionality? Tooltips are functioning in other chart types.Heat Map Tooltip.GIF

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    Have you gone to the Chart Properties and to the Hover Text Settings? In there, you can manipulate what you want displayed on hover. Click the + sign in the Hover Text textbox to add any of the commonly used values. You can also add static text by simply typing and add line breaks by adding \\n . 

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    I did try that, but the obstacle I'm coming across is that the variable I want to display is one other than the category, series, or value, which is why I wanted to put it in a tooltip that I could then include in the hover text. However, the tooltip is not available to me in this heat map, so I'm wondering if that is just a specific limitation of that chart type.


    Thank you for your time!

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