Copying or "save as" a workbench job

Curious if anyone knows if you can copy of "save as" a workbench job.  If not, which I think is the case, any tricks that you have used to mirror them?  


Also, I am doing some transforms and column name changes in workbench so this is why copying in workbench would be a huge help.  Not sure if the DOMO ETL is faster and maybe I should just pull the raw data in and do the rest in DOMO?  


Any help would be amazing.



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  • eric_tetik
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    Hi DMJerry,


    You can export the job using the Export feature by going to More > Export, and then import it using More > Import. You can rename the job when importing

    Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 10.00.16 am.png

    This is in Version 5.0.7080.31479, not sure if it's available in previous versions





  • You sir are an absolutely savior!  God bless you and appreciate the help!


    This worked perfectly.

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