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I am working on a dashboard which requires a minimum number of actions to use. One card contains total sales with a link to sales per customer, I have added a quick filter to look for specific customers easily. 

But to see the filter, you first have to click on the card. It is possible to add the filter on the dashboard, so that you don't have to click on the card before seeing the filter?


Quick filters include a search bar, which is the most important function when working with a lot of different customers. That is why a separate filter card will not help me in this case. 




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    Unfortunately filter cards with search option aren't available right now in Domo.

    you can add this request as an idea in the Dojo.


    A work around I can think of involves the creation of 3 filters to get to a customer in a dashboard. not the most elegant solution but it might work to some extend.


    First filter carad: Beastmode of the first letter of the customer's last name (A,B,C,D etc)

    Second filter card: Beastmode of the Customer's Last Name to narrow the list of customer full names

    Third filter card: you customers full name or first name


    hope this helps

    Domo Arigato!

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