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It would be great if there was a filter card with a search bar available. For example, when you use a card which shows the overal sales for a company with a link to the sales per customer. With a search function, users could easily find the customer they want to analyze without having to open the card in a new page to find a quick filter. This would at least help me and the users of my dashboard (and I hope many other users) a lot! 

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  • Ashleigh
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    @Koen  yea that would make it hard to look for, we have a similar problem as we have a filter card that has 500 values but we sort it in alpha order to make it easier. If you have a way to group your customers then you could make 2 filter cards, one for type and one for customer. That way you would be dealing with less customer options after you filter by type. 


  • @Koen  why not just use a filter card to filter on the column customer ? Then when they select it on the page it will filter all the other cards. 

  • @Ashleigh thank you for your comment, but I am working with almost 300 customers. So, it is difficult to find a certain customer when using the card I think you mean. 

  • @Ashleigh I have done that now. It makes the search somewhat easier, thanks! 

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