generic OAuth redirection URL

Hi, I'm trying to pull data into Domo from another vendor's API using the "JSON Advanced with custom parsing for OAuth" connector (found in your Domo instance at /connectors/com.domo.connector.json.customparsing.oauth).


I'm not able to get past the step of configuring the DataSet credentials, because I don't know what Redirection URL to supply to the remote system. Some threads in this forum suggest that the Redirection URL is, but this doesn't seem to be right.


Here's what I've done so far:


  1. Configured an oauth client on the remote system, with a Redirection URL of – this generates a client ID and client Secret.
  2. entered the client ID and client Secret into the Credentials pane of the DataSet configuration, along with the remote system's generic OAuth authorization and token URLs.
  3. Clicked Connect in Domo.
  4. this pops up an authorization window from the remote system – so far, so good.
  5. I click in this window to authorize Domo and then the window gets redirected to
  6. The process stalls out here. The authorization window remains blank and never closes, and the Connect button in the main Domo window shows a "loading" image indefinitely.


It seems like I must have the wrong Redirection URL but it also seems strange that Domo's DataSet configuration screen doesn't tell me very clearly what the Redirection URL is supposed to be, because this is an essential piece of an OAuth workflow. Am I missing something really obvious?


(by the way this particular connector doesn't seem to be documented in the Domo Knowledgebase. When I click the "Learn More" link on the connector config page, it takes me to a top-level Knowledgebase menu. There is a doc for the JSON Connector with Custom Parsing, but that's a slightly different connector that can only do simple username/password authentication through SFTP or HTTP Basic Auth.)


(for any Domo staff looking at this, I've also opened a support ticket on this, case #05729129, but that ticket has been unanswered for a couple of days so I figured I'd see if anyone on this forum knew the answer)

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