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I'm trying to create a company wide dataset naming convention.  For sources that are direct connectors it's easy.  We'll be doing datasource_project or similar.  Dataflows seem to be a lot trickier with multiple sources that could be included in the name.  So, does anyone have any best practices that would tackle this issue?

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    The Domo Knowledgebase recommends the following for datasets:


    • Utilize suffix/prefix: PROD, INT, QA, or TEMP

    • Name DataSets using a common format (ex: BU_System_Dept_Suffix; have ABC_Salesforce_Sales_PROD)

    • Avoid using / or \ in the DataSet name.

    Specifically for Dataflows, I try and follow the same rules and also name my dataflow the same as my output dataset, if I only have 1 output dataset. I have found it much easier to find when I am searchin. If I have multiple output datasets, then I put a _DF at end of my dataflow name. 

    I also try and make use of the tags feature in the data center. That has been a flexible way to identify what type of data is in that dataset since I can apply multiple tags to it. 

    Hope this helps.

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