Prevent card editing?

RW_at_PI ⚪️
edited March 13 in Scheduled Reports

Is it possible to prevent users with Editor access from saving over an existing card?  I'd like to enable/keep the ability for users to edit a card, but just don't want them saving over an existing version.  Edit and 'Save As' in their Overview section, for example.  Thanks!


  • Jarvis





    When you are on the card. You should be able to lock the card on the bottom right so only you and admins and make edits to the card.

  • I don't think that is what the user was looking for--they want someone to be able to edit the card, but not be able to save over the original. So rather than a "Save" option, only have a "Save As" option. Perhaps limit them from editing, but still let them make copies of cards? So they save a copy first, then edit--not necessarily ideal or the best sequence of events, but end goal is accomplished.

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