Making a top 5, bottom 5 filter card

 I have two cards which show: 1) a bar graph of revenue per product. 2) a bar graph of fill rate per product. 


There are more than 40 products. I want to add a filter in my dashboard for "Top 5" and "Bottom 5", instead of making four new cards for top 5 and bottom 5 products (2 for revenue and 2 for fill rate). 


Anyone has an idea of the simplest way to do this?

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    Why not just use the default of the single bar?  Set the max bar and you can sort the top/bottom by just click on the A->Z icon on the top


    Sort Top and Bottom.png


  • That was because I wanted to be able to see all the datapoints, not just top 5. But also have the capability to see top 5, bottom 5. 


    But your idea is also workable. Just a question: from the dashboard, can the user switch between seeing only top 5 and all the data points?

  • If you want to see all other data points, remove the maximum bar option.

    Sort by clicking on the sort icon. You can see the top and bottom in one glance.


    If you have both options, you can with

    1) create a rank against the data << more work as rank is only available in magic ETL or MySQL 

    2) create a drill path ( see below )



    Same as before, create a top/bottom 5 chart and uncheck the "Hide Other' Bar. Then, create a drill path to drill down "Others". As market {11,10,2,7,5} does not belong to "Others", you can just remove the filter to see All data points.





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