Card data in dashboard doesn't match card data in analyzer

I've been trying to combine two surveys performed at two different times (Qualtrics). I added a column called 'Year' before merging so we could filter by year and compare the two.  This works well in the analyzer, but as soon as I leave it DOMO can't seem to find any 2017 data. I've checked the dataset, it's definitely there and the analyzer seems to corroborate that, but the cards are useless since they won't let me look at the 2017 data

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  • guitarhero23
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    The issue MAY be with the date chosen as the date field for the card. I'm also wondering why on your last screenshot it shows 1 day worth of time 10/28/19 to 10/28/19.


    Can you provide an example dataset with maybe a few results from each year (minus any sensitive data) so I can test myself to get it to what you want?

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  • I have also noticed that Domo cards will behave strangely when using generic field names like YEAR or WEEK, etc.  You may want to try renaming your field to `Year of Survey` or `Survey Year`

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  • That worked! Slapping in some arbitrary dates for the 2017 data fixed the issue

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