Datediff: Total Noobie question

Hello all, I am non-technical, non-SQL speaker trying to figure out DATEDIFF.


My problem

1. In Domo, I have a date that looks like this:10/17/2019 11:06:45 AM (this is a 'date' field in my table)

2. I'd like to add a calculated field that counts how many day from "today" it is.


Can someone send me the Datediff statement I need?





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  • Godiepi
    Godiepi 🟣
    Answer ✓

    Here it is 


     Datediff( Date(`yourdatefmield`) , Current_Date())


    Datediff( Current_Date() , Date(`yourdatefmield`))

    note: you might or might not have to specify Date for your date/time field

    thats why I usually prefer to do this:  Date(`yourdatefield`). , but that is just me

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