Can we make a stacked bar (y-axis_ with different columns)

I'm making a stacked graph. I have date on my x-axis. I want to add different columns on my y-axis ( I've got 3 columns, Product X sales, Product Y sales, and Product Z sales). 




Product X Sales in January: 3

Product Y Sales in January: 6

Product Z Sales in January: 1


So on the satcked bar, for January I want to see a total of 10, with each product broken down. 


Can I do that ?


(p.s Reminder, the sales are 3 different columns)


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    Attached a screenshot of the solution. 


    In Summary,

    1. Under Date Properties, "Graph by" - Set to Month for the monthly view.

    2. Chart Type: Stacked bar.

    3. In Properties, Data Label Settings, Tick the "Show Total Label" to view the total sales by month.

    4. Use the 3 Product sales columns across the Series and Y-Axis.


    Hope this Helps! 


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