How to delete blank rows in a data set

I have a table which I've sorted by the count of a particular column. However, the column that is sorted at the top is one that has nothing but blank data in it. How would I create a beast mode to remove this field. (Please see photo below.)


I've tried to create a beast mode that does this: 


WHEN `NonDirectionalCityPair` IS NOT NULL THEN `NonDirectionalCityPair`


However it appears to do nothing. I thought that the DOMO Dojo column here: would help me but no luck. Any help would be great. Here's that image:





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  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Indiana 🥷
    Answer ✓

    If you're wanting to remove those rows you should use the filter option on your card to ignore records where the value is null.


    If you want to leave it in and give it a default value instead you could use a beast mode like:


    WHEN `NonDirectionalCityPair` IS NOT NULL THEN `NonDirectionalCityPair` ELSE 'DEFAULT VALUE'



    In your example without the ELSE clause it will return NULL if the value is not NOT NULL (aka just NULL) so it actually isn't doing anything except making your field logic more complex.

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