Re assigning Data sets

Hi Guys!


I`m looking to re assign a load of data sets to another user - the previous owner has now left the compnay, however the data sets are still needed - I`m admin and have re assigned approx 50% of them, but the remaining gives me the message that they cannot be re assigned?


Have checked the PDP policies to make sure the proposed user/new owner has access, this is all ok.


Any ideas guys?


Thanks in advance 



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  • TLarsen
    TLarsen ⚪️
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    Hi Nick,  are the data sets that can't be re-assigned all a specific type?


  • @TLarsen Hey Tanner,

    sorry I missed your message - they were differing kinds, however, your message promted me to try a differing approach and now it`s all sorted!!!!