New changes to the DOMO UI, any way to see the changes myself (as administrator) before making them?

I still have not made the new changes public to all my company's users (available through the last update). This is because I want to see how the changes will impact the UI before I amke them public. Is there anyway to see this beforehand? 


For Example, I have many pages under a broader category of pages. But there's only 2 levels of hierarchy.    In the new UI, I understand that there can be many levels of hierarchy under a page. If I make the new changes public, how will that impact the hierarchy of the pages that I already have? Are there any other changes that I should be aware of?



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  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh Florida 🟣
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    @hamza_123  You can make a sandbox instance here:

    and then ask your customer service rep to add the new UI to the sandbox if it isn’t already there. This will allow you to look at the new UI before making it public. When we changed our instance over, I emailed all of our nonsocial users a video of the new UI and how it will work (there is one on YouTube or Domo University I believe). It keeps the same hierarchy as you currently have but just adds an option to add another level. 


    You Tube video is here: