I need to export a list of attributes from my data table

Is there a way to create and export a list of attributes from my data table?  I don't want the entire table with all of the data, just the attributes.  Can I export this?

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  • MarkSnodgrass
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    Have you looked into the Domo Governance Datasets in the App Store? This might give you what you need. Search for "Governance" or "Domostats" in the app store and you should see it under connectors. One of the datasets you can pull is the Dataset Schemas dataset. This should give you what you need. Below is a list of what is in that dataset.

    6 Dataset Schemas

    Contains column names and types for all datasets in Domo.
    Dataset ID
    Row Count
    Column Count
    Owner ID
    Owner Name
    Dataset Created Date/Time
    DataSet Last Touched Date/Time
    DataSet Last Updated Date/Time
    Report Last Run
    Display ProcessingType
    Data Provider ProcessingType
    Card Count
    PDP Enabled
    Column Name
    Column Type
    Column ID
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