Print or Export results of card that has been filtered

Current - a user opens a card, chanes the date range or adds a filter. Then tries to export or print the data, but only gets information from the original card.


Future - a user opens a card, chanes the date range or adds a filter. Then exports or prints the data and gets the results that they just filtiered.

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  •  Forgot one additional thing. This shouild work on drill in also.

  • FYI,


    I noticed this is working now. I changed a date range and added a filter, I was able to export the data. Although I noticed if you don't change the date range or add a filter, it returns all data. I assume this is a bug that will need to be fixed.


  • @StevenC can you take a look at this please?

  • @StevenC & @product_John,


    Just wanted to note that while @Johnf is correct that this is fixed for csv and excel exports, there is still no ability to export a filtered card to PowerPoint.


    Any idea if this idea will potentially be prioritized soon?


    Thank you,

  • @Johnf cards can now be exported as filtered! @nlombardini to export a filtered card to PowerPoint view the card from the detailed card view. Then, turn on page analyzer and filter as desired. From the card options menu click "Send/Export" and one of the included options is to export to PowerPoint.

  • Thank you, @michaelf.  This works really well.  I noticed that the functionality still does not apply to the date range at the top of the card.  Will that be coming soon as well?




  • You are correct @nlombardini, and a ticket has already been submitted addressing that functionality as well. You can reference ticket DOMO-41676 to check its progress. In the meantime, to get around this issue, rather than modifying the date range you can apply a card analyzer and then filter by date and then export to get your desired chart. Hope this helps!Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.06.21 AM.png

  • I'd like to note that the analyzer method mentioned by @michaelf does not work if the filtered date range does not appear in the initial card settings. For example I have a card set to show last month's data. If I turn on the analyzer to display data from 2 months ago, no data is shown.


    What is the best way to check on the status of ticket DOMO-41676? Message Domo Support via Domo Buzz?

  • @CantStopTheHopp, yes the best way to get an update on the ticket would be DomoBuzz. We wil try and get an update to post here as well when available.



  • Update - When users change the date range or the graph by (Week, Month, QRT etc) in a card and would like to export the new visual, the export will include the new changes the user made.


    This will be available in the following export formats - Powerpoint, Excel, and CSV. This feature will be available to all users on 2/19/16.


    Print and Email will be enhanced in the coming months.  

  • is there a feature that will export the names of the filters applied in the powerpoint export (sort of like a footnotes section so it is clear to people viewing the export what filters have been applied)?

  • @pravaliya, I really like that idea. A way to be more clear of where the data presented is coming from. Thanks!

  • thanks @michaelf is there any possibility of this moving forward?

  • @pravaliya I don't know where it'll fall in our list of priorities but its something we'll have a conversation with our team about. We'll keep you posted on progress.

  • @michaelf @btm


    Has this been implemented? If so we need to update the stauts to reflect this.



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